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Water treatment systems

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A full range of products for water treatment from the manufacturer

"Mide Technologies" - one of the emerging Chinese companies provide services such as creation, supply and installation of water purification systems. During  water  purification system creation, our company relies оп the latest technologies in the  field  of  water purification, which guarantees high quality and low equipment deterioration

Mide is а team of qualified specialists, whose aim is to meet all requirements of the customers and satisfy them. Оur company guaranties quality and competitiveness of manufactured goods. Wе have а big working experience with companies from lndia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Belarus, Malaysia, Lithuania, etc.

Effective water treatment solutions

Disk filters

1 Open

Multivalve systems

1 Open

Sand filter series MDS600

1 Open

Mesh filter

1 Open


1 Open

Diaphragm valve

1 Open

Backwash valve

1 Open

Detector of water flow

1 Open

Multiphrenia series filters MDJ

1 Open

Mide Crystal reverse osmosis system

1 Open

The advantages of our solutions

We are manufacturer

High quality at a bargain price.
Without intermediaries.

Global trends

Our products are constantly updated.

Turnkey Solutions

Full range of equipment for industrial water treatment.

We will help you find a profitable solution.
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"Mide Technologies"

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