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MD-Max Series Controllers
  • Power supply: 220-250V AC; 50 Hz.
  • Maximum power consumption of the controller is 12 W; the power of the electric motor stager (multi-way pneumatic valve) 4 watts.
  • Choose from Chinese or English; easy programming without knowledge of special programming languages.
  • Password protection to prevent accidental changes or unauthorized access.
  • Flexible setting of regeneration methods (by volume of missed water, remote regeneration (from external signal), at specified intervals, on specified days of the week). The choice of regeneration method depends on the specific technical conditions and design features of the system (availability of a water meter, external controller, etc.). In special cases (for example, during the commissioning process) manual regeneration can be carried out.
  • Regeneration can be interrupted at any time, and any stage of regeneration can be skipped.
The controllers of the MD-Max series are specifically designed to control the filtration systems, soften and demineralize water when automatic valve sealing systems
with pneumatic / hydraulic control. Display of all functions on a backlit LCD display designed for a long (over 10 years) service life of the controller.
Output relay signals (status and other relay signals) are of the type “dry contact”. The maximum load is 220V / 5A.
The remote control regeneration function uses a dry contact type signal. To initiate regeneration, the signal must be applied for at least 2 seconds.
MD-Max series controllers allow you to configure four groups of parameters:
Plan (Setting operation and regeneration) M Program (Setting regeneration cycles) S Program (Setting relay outputs)
Commerce (Configuring Locks and Controller Use Restrictions)
The regeneration inhibit function uses a “dry contact” type signal. The presence of this function also allows you to combine several controllers to create a multi-component system (using relay outputs on one controller connected to the regeneration inhibit input on the other; for more information on these capabilities, contact your supplier). The MD-Max series controllers have two additional logic modules for level control with relay outputs of the “dry contact” type.
To set a job lock, please contact our technical staff for further information.

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