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MD Manual filter
  • Thread diameter: 3/4 ”to 2”.
  • Productivity: from 6 to 25 m3 / h.
  • The degree of filtration: 80-130 microns.
  • Operating pressure: up to 6 bar.
  • Ecomide filters are similar to Azud filters.

Manual disc filters Mide Technologies designed to clean cold water from mechanical impurities (sand, silt, rust, etc.). The advantage of disc filters over the mesh principles is to perform the fact that the filter element is a block of tightly compressed polymer discs having special grooves on their surface. When compressing the discs, the grooves that form an integral net structure on which impurities are retained. Ecomide disc filters can be carried out as a stand-alone main filter, or as a preliminary cleaning stage in front of the filling type filters. These filters are easy to flush; to do this, you must release the pressure, unscrew the bottom cover of the case (unscrew it with your hands without using a special tool), take out the set of discs and release the pressure cap, rinse under running water. Cases of data of disk filters are equipped with threads for connecting pressure gauges.

Automatic disc filter systems
  • Fully automatically continuous on-line self-cleaning; low water consumption; Compact design; Low pressure loss.
  • Optimizes the performance and minimizes the frequency of maintenance.
  • Maximum saving of water with efficiency in backwashing.
  • Disc filter system is pre-assembled and easy to operate.
  • Modular configuration allows design according to customer preference or space availability.
  • Different anticorrosion material will be used according to environmental condition.
  • Working pressure 2 ~ 8bar
  • Filtration precision 20-200 micron
  • Backwashing pressure 1.8 ~ 8bar
  • Working temperature < 60 Ti
  • PH value 4-13

Full-automatic disc filtering elements are composed of a set of platters with grooves on both sides. The intersection points formed by the grooves’ edges will intercept the solids of the water.

Filtration modules in train to get large flow capacity. 

Each filtration module locked by stainless clamps that are convenient to use, which is a plastic-injected shell made by highly pressure-resistant polyamide combined reinforced glass fiber materi     

Filtering frame is a complicated and precised telescopic cylinder structure, which is formed in a single injection. Hydraulic action components are inside the excellently sealed cylinder structure, effectively prevented clogging failure and prolonged the service life.

Pressed by the filter’ s body, the high strength disc of polypropylene form a strong column filtering system, which provides reliable filtering effects for all kinds of precision filtration requirements.

Water quality classification

А.: Water of good quality: city tap water, well water from stable aquifer.

В.: Water of general quality: cooled circulating water, surface water treated bу sedimentation, and drained water treated bу effective deposition and completely biological treatment.

С.: Water of relatively poor quality: groundwater from aquifer of poor quality, drained water treated bу effective deposition but with poor biological treatment, and surface water with enormous microbes.

D. The worst quality: well water with rich iron and manganese elements, surface water affected bу flooding and without sedimentation, and drained water without precipitation and biological 

Mide Crystal reverse osmosis system
  • Installation site: under the sink
  • Capacity: up to 280 l / day.
  • Booster pump: Yes
  • Clean water tap: Yes
  • Working pressure: 1.5-4.0 ATM.
  • Water temperature: from 5 to 45 °C
  • Storage tank capacity 12 l.
  • Overall dimensions: 420x350x590 mm.
  • Power consumption: 28 W
  • Power Supply 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Case color: white
  • Weight: 10 kg.

Reverse osmosis system Mide Crystal is a five-stage system for obtaining high-purity drinking water. Capacity-up to 280 l / day. The package includes a booster pump. The principle of operation is traditional for reverse osmosis filters and consists in dividing the source water with a semipermeable membrane into two streams: purified water — permeate and water with a high content of impurities — concentrate, which is discharged into the sewer. The pore size of the membrane does not exceed 0.0001 microns, and the size of most dissolved impurities, as well as bacteria and viruses, is much larger, so they do not pass through the membrane. The system works stably even at low pressure in the supply line, thanks to the presence of a pressure boosting pump in the package.

Multiphrenia series filters MDJ
  • Material of manufacture-stainless steel SS304, SS316, SS316L;
  • Maximum operating temperature-120C;
  • Maximum operating pressure-7 bar;
  • stainless steel Housing with welded inlet, outlet and drainage pipes;
  • Removable cover with air vent;
  • Filter element-cartridge;
  • Collector for collecting water and fixing cartridges;
  • Common collector for water output;
  • Intermediate sealing partitions separating the cavities of the source and treated water.

During the filter operation, water enters through the inlet pipe and is distributed in the housing between the cartridges. Passing through the filter element (cartridge) from the outside in, the water is purified from the smallest impurities. Filtered water enters through the holes inside the collectors on which the cartridges are put, descends through them into the cavity between the bottom and the partition, and then exits through the outlet pipe.

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